How To Win At Casino Slots?

Did you know that a slots strategy exists? Read our article and find out how to approach gambling on slot machines in a professional and responsible manner.

Slots are definitely the world’s most popular casino game. They are simple, fun, and at times they reward you with a fair bit of cash. Isn’t that just beautiful? Many people asked me if there was a strategy to win at casino slots. I say that there is, but it’s not what most people would expect. Usually, when they say “strategy,” people mean a set of actions one takes during the game to ensure a win. However, in case of slots, strategy implies a set of actions you can take before playing, such as finding the right machine and deciding on the betting methods.

Slots Time-Machine

History is life’s best teacher, so to understand how slots work today, we will have to do a little time travel. Our journey to the origins of slot machines takes us back to nineteenth-century New York. It was a time of progress, and technologists were trying to make machines for everything. So, one smart guy thought: “Why not make a machine which will play poker automatically?” We don’t know this person’s name, but we owe them all of our slots pleasure today. The idea was to make poker as simple as possible, so these first machines had five reels with cards instead of symbols.

The only buyer for such a strange contraption were bars all over NY city. The customers would insert a loonie into the slot, pull the small lever and wait for the combination to come up. They were awarded according to the strength of the combination, but with drinks and cigarettes instead of money.

This turned out to be an extremely popular means of entertainment which brought lots of profit to the owners, so the state authorities reacted by officially banning slots before the First World war. However, this didn’t stop the slot machines from developing under-cover during the first half of the twentieth century.

Contemporary Slots

However, the climate after the Second World war was much more convenient for slots. Soon, they were legal again, and at the same time, the technology was developing rather quickly. So, in order to make up decades of stalled progress, during this period, slots faced some major improvements.

The first was the invention of video slots in that ‘70s. It was the first time that the reels were displayed in the machine’s screen, instead of spinning in reality. Additional lights and sounds were installed on the machines, so they began looking much like the ones we know today. Also, in this period slots became much more interactive, and multiple paylines were introduced to increase chances of winning.

As the second part of the 20th century was the time of huge interest in electromechanics, this had its influence on slots too. And since slots were moving towards virtual gaming, new technology was applied to determine the outcome in the virtual surrounding. This technology is called the Random Number Generator (RNG), and it regulates the result of the game by producing thousands of long number sequences every second. These sequences are all random and carry information on the outcome. The player chooses one of them by pressing the “play” button.

How To Find A Winning Slot?

As I said, there’s no strategy in playing the slot machine, but there’s a strategy to find the right machine and the right place to play at. So here are some recommendations that will help you win more often and maybe, why not, even win big.

  • The Volatility of the Machine Is a Must Know

When machines are made, they are usually programmed to perform under the principles of low or high volatility, to meet the needs of various kinds of players. The volatility is the proportion of recurrence and volume of wins. So, if a machine is a low volatility machine, it will award you more often, but with smaller amounts. On the other hand, the high volatility machine will let you win less often, but the amounts will be massive.

As I said, this is there to meet the needs of both high-rollers and low-rollers. So, first of all, you should decide how much time and resources you have to spend while waiting for the win. If you have a lot of both, you should search for the high volatility machine. On the contrary, it is safer to play a low-volatility slot and slowly gather the smaller wins.

Since it is so important, the information on volatility isn’t so easy to find. You can ask the casino staff, but it is more likely that players who often hang out in the casino will tell you which machines award often, and which do not.

However, take care while talking with experienced players, because they can sometimes tell superstitious stories. So, you might hear that there are “hot” and “cold” machines, namely the ones which recently awarded so they won’t do it for some time, and the ones which didn’t. According to this philosophy, it is better to play the cold ones, which is nonsense. Also, you might hear that a machine is more generous if you touch it or stand up while playing or whatever. Know that these stories are an amusing part of gambling folklore, and nothing more.

  • RTP Matters

RTP or Return to Player is a number expressed in percentages, telling you which part of the total wagering amount it will give back to players in the form of prizes, over the machine’s lifespan. Usually, RTP is over 90%, but good slot machines can have up to 98% or even higher.

Unlike the volatility rate, RTP tells you about the machine’s spirit of giving in the long run. Basically, RTP tells you if the machine is even worthy of your time.

  • Progressive Slots

Progressive jackpots are certainly something a modern gambler should not miss. They work in the following way: several machines are connected by sharing the same prize pool; every wager players put flows into the pool until the winner shows up and takes it all. This kind of system permits huge prizes, which can make people millionaires. That’s what I call a good idea!

Anyway, you will find a much better offer of progressives at online casinos, which is one of the main reasons more and more people play online.

  • Bet Often, With Smaller Amounts

It might have never occurred to you, but the fact is that how you use your money while gambling affects your odds of winning. If you enter a casino with 100 dollars and spend them all on your first spin, you basically waste your money. The situation changes drastically if you play a hundred games with one dollar — in this case, your odds are much better, because you give yourself time to wait for the winning combination.

  • Play Online

Online gambling is an excellent choice these days since the online slots offer is so much better, and there are many bonuses and promotions you can benefit from. Some see online gaming as unsafe, but this is an illusion. It is true that there are frauds, like in any business, but there is a precise system of evaluating, which helps people share experiences and find good online casinos. So, you can find many sites online, with professional and customer reviews of almost any casino.

  • Enjoying the Premium Slot Experience

If you stick to these few simple steps, you can be sure to take most from playing slots. Luckily, the major part of the work is done once you select the right land-based machine or game, in case you decide to try virtual gaming. Once you do that, you will have to immerse yourself in the arms of Lady Luck and let her determine the rest. Happy betting!

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