• Make the Best Prediction and the Pool is Yours

    The process of evolution was long for the betting pool. In 1923, Sir John Moores started the Littlewoods. He would sell entries to ‘football pools.’ But what exactly is a betting pool, and how does it work? Well, it is a form of gambling, similar to parimutuel betting. This means that people have to bet an earlier-established, i.e., a fixed… read more

  • How to Stop Gambling on Online Slots

    The moment has come, the player presses the spin button. Neither winning nor losing makes any difference; there is always another spin. The thrill of the game stops when there are no more coins in your pocket. The excitement turns into self-loathing when the amount of money lost exceeds the bet. Slots are favorite games worldwide; the U.S. is the… read more

  • How Many Cards Are There in Texas Hold’em

    Hold’em recently became the most popular variation of poker. Thanks to popular culture, almost everyone knows at least a bit about Texas Hold’em. Furthermore, the game is usually played with between two and ten players. However, in theory, you could play with many more players. Basic Rules The main goal of poker is to try to get the best possible… read more